The Fam

The Blogger (aka Rachel):

Owner of a loud laugh and too many mismatched Vera Bradley bags. Trying to figure out how to walk in God’s purpose for my life in joyful submission and be intentional with each day I’m given.


The Husband (aka John):


He is passionate about seeing others come to know and love Jesus, he makes me feel special and beautiful, he lives his life with integrity, and our cat has a major crush on him. But I saw him first.



The Cat (aka Clara):

Adopted into our lives in December 2011  (she was the BEST Christmas present from John!). Clara is a pen-snatching, tape-licking, midnight-yeowling mess. She likes us both but shows a clear affinity for John (a nice slap in the face for this lifetime cat lover). She keeps us entertained without trying to and is a professional snuggler… Let’s just say she fits right in 😉

Time to scrapbook?

“Helping” John study Greek

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