A Safe Place

Up close and personal 🙂

Our cat Clara fancies herself a diva while we have lovingly deemed her a disaster.

Every night between 8-11pm she runs around chasing or being chased by (what I’m assuming are) terrifying monsters. She plays fetch with John, which is strange enough for a cat but she’ll only do it with a particular type of pen. She loves licking packaging tape and will audibly grumble at you if your snuggling technique is not up to par (i.e. if she’s uncomfortable and you’re comfortable).

She’s also brimming with contradictions –  she whines to be played with, then whines when we play with her, she whines to be let out of the laundry room, and whines to get back in etc.

It’s this last behavior that has recently caught my attention. When we moved to a smaller place in June, we quickly realized that letting Clara roam about unchaperoned during the night would lead to shredded rugs, gnawed high heels, sooty paws from the “off-limits” fireplace, and a plethora of other problems. So we have resorted to keeping her in the laundry room overnight. She has her food, her water, her litter box, and space to lay down so it’s not exactly a prison cell.

Well, she would beg (or yowl) to differ. And in fact, she does.

Every morning she turns into the most pathetic meowling (yes meowling – a perfect mixture of mewing and yowling) mess. And just for dramatic flair, she will paw and claw under the door as if to dig through the linoleum and be free from such unimaginable living quarters. Drama, drama, drama.

So, you would think that whatever fortunate (?) soul lets out the damsel in distress would be sweetly thanked with a friendly rub up against the shins, right? Wrong. Instead, she leaps over your feet with a dismissive “MEEYUMPH”, stretches each limb as if she was holed up in a soup can for 3 weeks and stalks off.

You’re welcome, your majesty.

But here’s the rub – whenever Clara is scared or startled (either by something real or by the imaginary T-Rex) she runs to the laundry room, jumps ontop of her lidded litter box, and stares at you with big wide eyes — immovable. It’s her safe place.

Thunder rumbling? – BOOM. Laundry room.

Roofers nailing in new shingles? – Laundry room.

John having a bad day? – Laundry room. (I can’t blame her for this one 😉 )

The one place she was scrambling to escape from is the place she scrambles to for protection and security. It’s familiar to her – steadfast, unchanging, and uncompromising.

*cue spiritual application lightbulb*

Ah HA!

Couldn’t I say the same is true for me? The Almighty God holds me in His hands, knowing each moment of my numbered days and guiding and directing me along the path of life and righteousness…. and I throw a fit. “What?! This is NOT how it’s supposed to be! Get me outta here! I wanna do what I wanna do! I know better than You do, Sovereign God of the Universe! PUT.ME.DOWN.”

So He does – and I run around freely, like a train car off the tracks. Making a mess of things, chasing after pointless goals, believing lies, sprinting down a dead-end road until: BOOM. “Yikes! Pickmeup! Pickmeup! Pickmeup!”

And He does.

Granted, God does not “put us down” in the sense that we are outside of His sovereign plan but there are times when He allows our fickle hearts to run away with abandon and chase after the wind. He’s never threatened by our rebellious streaks or worriedly wringing His hands during our foolish whims. He’s God: sovereign, all-knowing, perfect, and unfathomable. I am Rachel: an uninformed, finite, sloppy sinner. My temper tantrums don’t change a thing about those truths.

So while I have my moments of reckless pride, I am sooner or later humbled by His overwhelming power and compassion. I clamber back into His arms, quaking with fear from the newest trial I’ve encountered or sobbing into His shoulder as yet another glittering dream from this world turned out to be nothing but a nightmare. Slowly I relax and allow my soul to rest. I’m safe here, and I always will be.

“Trust in him at all times, O people, pour out your heart before him. God is a refuge for us.”

Psalm 62:8

What about you reader? Where is your safe place? I hope you have found rest in the arms of the Almighty God for they were spread wide on a rugged cross for you and remain open for all who seek a safe place.

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand…

Romans 5:1-2a