Old lovies and New Years 

2016 is almost over and 2017 is ahead of us – bright and shiny and untouched by our missed expectations, our great accomplishments and our deep disappointments. This year has been really hard for many, for many reasons. One thing I noticed as I swapped out Samuel’s hippo lovie tonight with a new model is how much love was pressed in and spilled out and worn into this lovie toy. Compared to the brand new, right outta the bag hippo – the lovie looks beat up. Like many of us may feel at the end of 2016. But the lovie is LOVED you know? 

We are a little dirty and worn and we have endured hard things and they have marked us – but so have all of the hugs and the prayers and the friendships that carried us and the family who held us til the imprint of their embrace also left its mark. I am different because of the love and the challenges and the stubborn hope I collided with in 2016. I am as ready as I can be for the imprints of 2017 – the love and the pain. 

I will do my part to hug my people and leave my mark this year too – with my words and with my arms and with all the love I can muster. Will you leave your mark? Who will you love so hard that they end the year with your hug DNA smudged into them? 

Who left their hugs on you this year? That’s a sweet sentiment to consider as the year ends isn’t it? Three cheers for all of our old lovies who make every New Year more bearable and more enjoyable! 


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