The posture of love

posture of loveSamuel had kind of a whiny fussy day today and quite honestly for the past few days. Moving is tough on everybody and while I wasn’t a perfectly patient mom with him today, God gave us a few minutes of dancing around the living room and giggling while I sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him as he giggled and threw his arms wide while we spun around.


We live in a scary world. That’s true. But let’s not forget that babies still dance in living room and people all over the world still get up every day and resolve to love each other and their neighbors.

We all get weary from the world and it’s gnawing agenda to keep on keepin’ on, while sharing space and time with people who are imperfect and difficult and demanding and all the things that we are too. We don’t have the soft luxury of a baby’s perspective about the world but we don’t need naïveté to love people, we just need to love people anyway.

Jesus told His followers that they will be recognized by the world because of their extraordinary love for each other and for others. Extraordinary love is not always huge, sweeping gestures of generosity or charity.

From what I can tell, The most extraordinary, life-changing, world-tilting love is born of faithfulness. It’s found in the person who wakes up every morning and says, “Every day I will do my part to heal hurts, give courage, share my time and resources, so that every person I come in contact with will remember they are loved by their Maker.”

I am not doing life right all the time you guys. But I know that Jesus is real. Hope is alive in Him. And His Joy is alive in me.

Go ahead and spin around in your living room and let yourself be loved, you goofball. Arms open, head up, smile wide. May that be our posture to the world and our invitation to every neighbor.

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