Small Home. BIG Love.

This afternoon, I felt it. That familiar inkling to spend my afternoon filling a dozen online shopping carts with all the knick-knacks and this and thats and stuff stuff stuff that I want want want. To pout about our budget and stamp my feet at all the “have nots” and justify all the things.

Yet, I was compelled to look around my home for a few minutes. Just really look at it, you know? So I did. And I slowly began to pick up a bunch of this and thats that I never use, and kind of don’t even like. And then I picked up the little things that mattered a lot to me and to John because of who gave it to us or what it stands for.

It slowly began to dawn on me that I had so much stuff already. Like. SO. MUCH. STUFF. So instead of fussing over more stuff, I decided to take care of what I had – I organized, purged, sorted, threw away, dusted (DUSTED, PEOPLE) what felt like a million things! I looked up and the afternoon had slipped by in this whirlwind of activity and now I can sit back, with one bag of donate items in the trunk of my car and another half-full bag in my closet, and I can smile in contentment.

Because I have beautiful things. ALOT of beautiful things. I have picture frames full of people who have shaped me and John, I have small tokens of appreciations from loved ones, thoughtful gifts from all over the world, countless stories written by countless human beings that have stirred me and moved me and made me cry and think and dream. I have a closet full and dresser full of clothes that are clean (YEAH GIRL. Brownie points for that), in good shape, and enough.

It’s enough. All of it.

This isn’t some public confession to tell you that I’m never going to purchase another home decor goodie, or piece of jewelry, or book (PLEASE. Do you even know me?) This is just the musings of one young woman, nestled deep in the heart of Texas, who spent an afternoon rummaging through her small home and came out with BIG love for what God has given to her.

Happy Sunday, friends!


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