Falling for a new kind of Fall

I get it. The 98 degrees in September and the 75 degrees in December. That’s TX, and I get it.

While you’re busy instagramming the fireworks of fall and your cute matching scarf and jean jacket ensemble.. I’m donning my trusty tank top and using hashtags like #iloveairconditioning and #sweatinglikeachamp.

I’ll admit that for a while (read:since moving to TX), I resented you. Yes, YOU. If you live above the Mason-Dixon line on the East coast, in the Midwest, or Northwestern parts of the US… I’m looking right atcha. I resented your heaping piles of crunchy leaves, your blue jeans and sweaters, your “Ahh! Love that crisp air in the Fall!” comments. I basically wanted to punch you in the face.

Until I realized that Fall actually does happen here, it just looks a little bit different.

I don’t find it in the forecast, or hanging in my closet, or waving at me from the side of the road.

It’s nestled in sidewalk cracks in a smattering of crunchy leaves waiting to surprise you with their beloved symphony. It takes the dairy section in the grocery store by storm — cream cheese, ice cream, coffee creamer, all of it is tinged with pumpkin. And I love it. I taste it and smile and thank God for making a vegetable with a flavor I can actually get behind. It shows up on countertops and store fronts– smiling scarecrows and bowls of candy corn serving as happy reminders  that Fall has indeed arrived. It makes it entrance every year when I flip my calendar from September to October. Chances are, if you’re in TX in October and use the term “Indian Summer” you might not make it out of the state alive. And don’t get us started on our State Fair, you simply can’t beat it.

Don’t get me wrong, here. I will always love coming home to sweet Virginia and being greeted by her colorful bouquets of foliage lining the windy mountain roads. I will always tip my hat to New England in the Fall because it looks so good on her, and she wears it with such a noble sense of heritage. But I find myself chuckling when I think about the courageous state of TX, knowing she holds no hope of receiving accolades for her Fall displays but proudly and stubbornly states, “I see your foliage and I raise you fried Nutella.”

You go girl.

That’s Fall here, y’all. And I’m falling for it.



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