White Blank Wall

It’s been a month.

ONE MONTH since I’ve blogged, people.

I wish I could tell you it’s because I’ve been crazy busy changing the world, or because I have written so much I couldn’t even find the time to hit “Publish”, or that I’ve been waiting to bring you the BEST. BLOGPOST. EVER.

The truth is: I’ve got nothin. Nada. Zero. I stare at the blinking cursor, rack my brain for anything relevant to say and close my laptop in frustration 30 minutes later.

Sure, I’ve started about half a dozen new posts since the end of August but I don’t know where they’re going or what I’m trying to say. I want to have something profound, hilarious, thought-provoking, or just coherent to tell you.  But I’ve got nothing, and I’ve been ashamed to admit it. Writer’s block for a writer is like standing in front of a massive white wall and hearing a thousand good ideas murmuring on the other side of it but having absolutely no way to access them. It’s maddening, really.

It’s also humbling.

When you follow other bloggers who are consistently filling your inbox with funny anecdotes or insightful remarks, you have to constantly check your heart, take a deep breath, and learn to be the reader instead of the writer. This period of writer’s block has revealed to me the great value of spending more time on other people’s blogs. Not for the sake of comparison or critique but rather to soak in their perspectives, laugh at their funny stories, and feel zero pressure to “match them” in wit or wisdom. The blogosphere is a place of expression, much like entering into a museum or a performing arts center. It’s OK to just observe, ask questions, and not feel obligated to create something similar.

As much as I don’t like hitting this wall I think God is using it to get me over myself.

The world will get along just fine without me having something to say about it.

Does that sound absurd and painfully obvious to you? It is.

Feel free to roll your eyes at my laughable epiphany because believe me…I’m rolling mine too.

See you in a month?


3 thoughts on “White Blank Wall

  1. Great insight about the power of reading! Ive found i have always written my best stuff when i am most deeply into the minds of great authors (of books and blogs). I am encouraged to see you write about a difficult topic that no one enjoys going through but the reality is we’ve all been there. Love you!

  2. You make me smile. And yes, “we” could get along just fine without you, but I rather prefer to get along with you. Because whether you think so or not, your words do matter. I would have been one smile short today without them. 😉 Keep shining my precious sister in Christ and when the wall is blank, read other walls, and read the greatest wall, the unfailing Word of God. Enjoy listening and soaking. And please do share what soaks in deep during those times because your reflections really do encourage me!

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