A faith that plays in fountains.

Recently I blogged about the difficulty of choosing the invisible and how I’ve been praying to better understand God’s purpose for me during my short life on earth. Since then I’ve been asking him, “What do I do? Who do you want me to be?” and trying to patiently wait on Him to move and direct.

During a lunch break this week I spent some time in a nearby park prancing barefoot through squishy green grass while I prayed. Eventually I found myself meandering down a path that led me to a bunch of fountains spewing water 6 feet into the air. I sat on a bench facing the fountains and thought about how fun and refreshing it would be to play in those fountains.

And then I wondered, “What’s stopping me from playing in them now?”

Fear. Embarrassment. What if someone saw me? A young woman in business attire frolicking through fountains? Awkward!

At first, the idea of me playing in the fountains seemed ridiculous but as I thought about it more I realized it was my fear that was ridiculous.

Why not dance between fountains? Why not laugh at yourself and enjoy the fact that God gave you today? Who cares if people saw me? I’m not doing it for other people. I’m doing it because the little-girl-Rachel inside of me teamed up with the Holy Spirit and they were challenging me to exercise the faith that trusts like a child, dreams like a child, delights like a child.

I hadn’t expected God to draw me to Himself by way of fountains, but why not? It was 106 degrees outside, I had time to kill before heading back to work, and those fountains were looking friendlier and friendlier the more I stared at them.

Isn’t it appropriate that the same way those fountains beckoned me to play is the same way the Living Water coaxes my thirsty soul to DRINK?

I tasted that Living Water at my kitchen table last week and I knew I wanted more.

So I set down my Bible and car keys, slipped off my shoes and tentatively stepped towards the fountains. At first I stayed at the fringe, a little hesitant, glancing around and nervously getting my toes wet. Then I gingerly tip-toed between the fountains, feeling a little spray on my head and my face… and I started to smile… and then laugh… and then I just lost it.

I spun around, I ran in between them, I stretched out my arms like an airplane and practically galloped through those suckers. It. was. awesome.

I had always heard about the faith that moves mountains when I was growing up, but now I had experienced the faith that plays in fountains. And I LOVED it.

Sometimes I think I take my walk with God to extremes — He is either very super serious and I must be somber and reflective as I walk with Him OR He’s my Helper and my Father and I can run with Him and laugh with Him and dream with Him. I don’t know why I have this tendency but I’m beginning to think it’s sort of silly.

Faith is remembering that every good and perfect gift comes from above (James 1), and while that includes the soul-birthing gift of salvation, the rewarding challenge of sanctification, and the blessed hope we have in Jesus’ return… it also includes swing sets, sweet tea, and fountains on a hot summer day.

Drink deeply, y’all. Nothing will ever ever ever taste sweeter.


“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of her heart will flow rivers of living water.'” – Jesus (John 7:38)


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