Homemaking & Unpacking – a small victory over Pinterest and my misplaced priorities

Since entering into the time vacuum that is Pinterest, I’ve noticed that I have re-pinned about 14 different “styles” of furniture, decor, paint colors, and themes. If you look at my account you’ll find that I am a “shabby- modern- antique- subtle- cottage- contemporary- western- bold- beachside” kinda girl. I mean honestly, if I tried to re-create all of those styles, John wouldn’t know if he was walking into a log cabin or a NYC studio apartment. The sharp lines of modern furniture would pierce into the unsuspecting antiquated coffee table which would be sitting on top of a bamboo rug. Yikes.

So! To save myself, and any visitors to our home, from what would undoubtedly be a ginormous eyesore accumulating into a pounding headache, I’ve decided to keep our home decor theme pretty simple: “People we know and love.” And, since the people we know are so unique and lovable in their own way, this means my mismatched furniture fits right in with my theme.

Take THAT Pinterest! You and your impossible to recreate “themes” and “styles.” I will NOT be defeated by your perfectionist “nobody’s- home – actually – looks – like – that” standards! I win. 🙂

Moving on.

The goal to have friends and family surround us in our home became especially important when John and I moved half way across the country after our first year of marriage. We wanted to remember, to celebrate, and to give thanks for who and what God has surrounded us with both now and yesterday. You’ll find photo after photo of these loved ones in black frames, brown frames, silver, or colored (this is beginning to sound like the no longer politically correct Sunday school song, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight..”).

Every corner of our living/dining rooms and kitchen contain captured memories involving people we love. Usually I keep them out of the bathroom and bedroom because I feel like that’s awkward. No, really. I have this complex where I think people can actually travel into pictures of themselves and observe whatever is happening around that photo. And before you point it out, I know. It’s not like we live at Hogwarts where that actually does happen. Duh. But Hogwarts is real… right?

Anyways, John and I just moved again this past week and while I am no where near the really fun part of unpacking (stinkin kitchen takes at least 36 hours to unpack), every time I pass a blank wall I think of what memory may hang there and what friends will be stalking smiling at me as I walk by and go about my ordinary life.

Thinking about all the awesome people we are privileged to know got me thinking, “Shouldn’t people take precedence over stuff, even during the unpacking process?” You would think this would be glaringly obvious but, sadly it hasn’t been that way. Usually I become so obssessed with unpacking that I forget there are people around me that I care about and who care about me. You can ask John, he’s witnessed it too many times (and endured the brunt of it).

I’ve become uncomfortable (read:convicted) with how tightly the need to unpack grips my heart every time we move. So, in an effort to maintain the right perspective (God > people > stuff) my unpacking has suffered a bit this time around. These past few days I have decided to live life, to leave the house with dozens of boxes untouched and hang out with friends, to spend time with Jesus, to stop unpacking late at night and snuggle with John on the couch instead. It’s almost like this frantic grip on my heart to get everything unpacked by yesterday is slowly loosening. I come home and laugh at the chaos, but I’m laughing!

Don’t get me wrong, I still get the bug to unpack and I don’t always ignore it when it bites, but it doesn’t seem to be biting as fiercely or frequently. I am gradually putting things in there place, including my priorities. My main motivation to unpack is shifting from wanting my home to look welcoming (not a bad goal!) to wanting my home to be welcoming. And I’m beginning to realize that it has a lot more to do with where my heart is than where I put that vase, or picture frame, or rug etc.

So, I’m a work in progress (as is our new home) and while I must wait for eternity to become fully “unpacked” in Christ, my home will eventually be unpacked (before then, Lord-willing!) and ready to greet visitors with open couches and memories waiting to be unwrapped.

Just don’t mind those boxes in the corner, k?


2 thoughts on “Homemaking & Unpacking – a small victory over Pinterest and my misplaced priorities

  1. Hahahahah – the pictures in the bathroom – I’m the SAME way. Not as weird about the bedroom, but I once went to a Christmas party where the hostess had created a collage of festive pictures from past Christmases on a display board behind the toilet. I was just glad I could face the other direction while taking care of business – poor guys. Great craft project – horrible location. Also, good to know should we ever decide to travel to visit you guys via picture frames.

    • hahaha. oh man crafter FAIL. I can understand the earnest desire to display it though! Sometimes our enthusiasm shouts over our better judgement when we complete a good project and men are left with 20 faces smiling at them while they relieve themselves. woops!

      And yes! Please DO come and visit, I’ll be sure to give you guys a good spot on the wall to look around… on second thought. Now I feel weird, because there’s a family picture on my desk lookin’ RIGHT at me. 😉

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