Choose to Laugh

John and I have a tagline for any ridiculous and/or awkward happenings that occur during our married life together:

“They don’t tell you about THIS in premarital counseling!”

It’s a great way of dissauding any threatening outbursts of frustration and it makes us laugh uncontrollably when we ought to be crying, which often does lead to tears of laughter (read:lunacy).

It’s in those moments where instead of griping or grumping about each other’s “uniqueness” we choose to laugh.

And you know what I’ve noticed?

Mutual laughter paves a natural road towards acceptance and, when necessary, forgiveness.

I wish I could say we do it EVERY time we encounter such circumstances, but we both know that isn’t true. 😉

Some snapshots into the marital madness:

– Me waking John up with my snoring (how’s that for breaking stereotypes? Oh, and did I mention he wears earplugs?)

– John’s OCD dishwasher loading technique (really, it’s impressive but not when YOU just spent 10 min loading the dishwasher… Know what I’m saying? 😉 )

– John setting the stove on fire  (yep.)

– Me purchasing and then promptly forgetting about, several pounds of ground beef. I, um, discovered it in the back of our fridge weeks later. ($13 worth of meat by the way. This is a favorite story of John’s)

– Dutch oven. (need I say more?)

– John running the washer without putting in any detergent. (this has happened more than once which makes it even better)

– Me scraping one of our car mirrors on a parking garage pole. (I thought it’d be nice to add a touch of red to the blue!…no?)

– And the most entertaining ones will forever remain between the two of us. (as it should be, trust me.)

John and I have both shaken our heads in bewilderment at the other’s quirks and mishaps on numerous occasions. We’re learning that becoming one means fully accepting the other. I can’t only have the parts of John that mesh smoothly and comfortably into my way of doing things and vice-versa.

We’ve also noticed a trend:

Quick and sincere forgiveness in little things makes it easier to accept and grant forgiveness in the bigger things.

“bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.”

– Colossians 3:13 – 

So, while John may cringe as I set a bowl in the dishwasher (RIGHT where the cups should go) and I walk by the washer a few times “just to check”, I’m thankful that (for the most part) we choose to laugh and, by God’s grace, forgive.


2 thoughts on “Choose to Laugh

  1. Love this post, it made me laugh. It’d be boring if we married someone too much like us. The differences in people allow for all those mishaps that end up just being hilarious, if, with a big dose of God’s grace, you let them be funny.

    • So true! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I know I would go nuts if I married someone like me, geez! I’m thankful for his disciplined, organized, and productive mind… even if it rubs me the wrong way sometimes 😉

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